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Accountants and Tax Advisers for Contractors

We are Guildford based Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisers, in the town centre, just 100 yards from the High Street.

Contractors choose us because:

Bespoke Advice

We provide bespoke advice and tax saving structures not typically provided by the online accountants, nor many other accountancy firms. We invest heavily in tax and contractor CPD, so you get the best possible outcome in cash terms from your business. Why save £95 on accountancy fees when you can save thousands on tax instead.

Efficient Service

We provide a timely, efficient service, getting your tax returns and accounts done early, so you know many months and even years in advance what tax you have to pay (up to 28 months ahead on your income tax payments).

We Listen

We listen to your issues and problems and provide solutions, not further headaches for you.

Contractor Case Studies

BMon Ltd

The contractor of this LTD company came to us in disarray. She did have an accountant, but fell out with them a couple of years previously due to high fees and lack of service. She needed an accountant to complete the accounts and corporation tax return in a few days after meeting us. We helped her do the bookkeeping and we completed and filed the accounts on time. A year later, we helped her get her company accounts in order, so that they were viewed in the best possible light for her to get a mortgage. The year after that we helped her look at gifting shares to a family member who was at a lower tax rate.

UpsideDan Ltd

This contractor likes to ask all sorts of intelligent questions about a variety of things, from dividends, to bookkeeping, to how to split rental income between him and his wife efficiently via a tenancy in-common. All his questions are usually answered via email within 15 minutes.

Turnkey Associates Ltd

The contractor using this company came to us after using an online accountant that couldn’t deal with his bespoke advice needs: tax residency on moving to Austria, property rental advice, capital gains tax projection work on “what if” disposals of properties amongst many other problems and questions!

Ruckle Consultancy Ltd

The contractor of this company came to us from SJD, the largest contractor accountancy firm in the UK. They appreciate that a chartered accountant and chartered tax adviser is now a quick phone call and email away, the prior accountant wasn’t able to provide the tax advice they wanted and they were often left with junior staff that couldn’t help them.

Tutelary Ltd

Another client that came from SJD accountants. We can see why the prior accountant didn’t provide the service most would expect: This contractor works 12 hours days and has not time to deal with accountants and tax etc. He got frustrated that he wasn’t pro-actively chased by SJD for information and various deadlines continued to be missed. We chase this client for information, finding out the best way (and time of day and day of week) that he responds to communications and just bend over backwards to ensure all the deadlines are met – needless to say, he is another happy client.

Big Lip Media Ltd

This freelancer came to us when he realised we could save him one thousand pounds in accountancy fees. Furthermore, he was annoyed he wasn’t getting a service that reflected the price and is now extremely happy he switched. We provide him with a full accounting, tax and bookkeeping service.

Valcre Ltd

Another contractor from a big online provider… The contractor was getting frustrated that he worked from home a lot, yet wasn’t getting the advice he needed so that he could make a significant home as office claim. We helped him legitimately claim over £3,000 through the use of a rental agreement in accordance with HMRC’s rules on property rental deductions and related corporation tax deduction rules.

I am a contractor in London. I have been using an online accountancy and advice service to do my accounts and tax to keep costs down. However, I didn’t get the proactive advice I needed to save tax and if I hadn’t spoken to Peter and used his services, I would have paid far more in tax than I would have saved in accountancy fees. Thank you Peter

Zyg R, Turnkey Associates Ltd (Contractor in London)

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