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Auto Enrolment for Guildford Employers

13th June 2014

As most businesses in Guildford know, auto enrolment of employees into a company paying pension scheme is mandatory from the employers staging date. But what is the staging date? This is specific to each employer. The employer should click this link, insert their employer PAYE Reference number and then they will know. It is recommended that preparing for the staging date should begin at least 12 months before the staging date.

£2,000 Back for Employing Businesses in Guildford!

12th February 2014

Hear Yea O' Businesses of Guildford/Surrey and our Accountancy/Tax clients: From April 2014, every business, charity and CASC will be entitled to an annual “employment allowance” of £2,000 to reduce their liability for Class 1 secondary National Insurance Contributions (NICs). Businesses in Guildford will be glad to hear that! This means that employers will be entitled to a discount off their employer's NI bill of the lower of: (a)The NI Bill; (b) £2,000. This feature we are led to...

Employer Liable for Employee underpaid taxes

8th March 2013

A First Tier Tax Tribunal this week has ruled that an employer that incorrectly deducted employee taxes is liable for the tax underpaid, and the initial penalty against the employee for submitting a late tax return has been revoked! This serves as a reminder for businesses in guildford to ensure the payroll is done correctly. If there is an uncertainty in applying rules to employee deductions, we would recommend using a professional to undertake it for you. In this way, even if something...

RTI Payroll For Director Quarterly/Annual Payrolls

25th February 2013

Question: How can a one man company in Guildford keep its payroll costs down after 6 April 2013? Answer: If its just a payroll for directors, it could pay them their annual salary in April, and submit an "inactive report" to HMRC under the new RTI payroll scheme in April for the remainder of the year, leaving the inactive date end blank. As yet, not many accountants are aware of this short cut yet. This way, payroll costs can be minimised. Whoever is doing the payroll though will need...