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About Us

We are Guildford (Surrey) based Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax advisers, in the town centre, just 100 yards from the High Street. The firm is founded on traditional values. In everything we try to do, we attempt to serve others by following these principles:

“Treat others how you would like to be treated”

“If anyone would be first, he should be last and the servant of all”

These ethics are not just words given "lip-service", but are used to hire the right staff, for continual staff appraisal and much more.

In practice this means:

  • You won’t be sold something you don’t need;

  • We try hard to make ourselves available as much as possible: if we cannot answer your queries straight away, they are typically done within a few hours;

  • If a simpler, more economical service would better serve your needs, we will tell you and reduce the price;

  • We won’t lie to you, even in small things: no one will say some one is out when they are in;

  • We won’t hide from you on the rare occasions we make mistakes, but “bend over backwards” to resolve any problem as soon as possible;

  • We will work very hard for you to get what you deserve without complaint and as quickly as possible;

  • We invest heavily in staff training, compared to other firms, to provide the best possible service.

Meet the team


Peter Hamilton

Peter is the firm’s principal. He is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser. He has been helping small to medium sized businesses for about 15 years. Additionally, he advises other accountancy firms on taxation issues and provides a lecture when requested by the Guildford Accountants Group. Peter is the chairman of a national charity: CREW Trust.

Peter graduated with a Physics honours degree in the nineties, from the University of Durham. He was a Physics A-level teacher in secondary schools in the South-East of England for five years before discerning a move to the accounting and tax profession.


Andrew Mitchell

Andy has been a Chartered Accountant since 1979. He has many years of experience dealing with his clients in a variety of sectors, providing accounting, tax and business advisory services.


Vanessa O'Brien

Vanessa is our front-line Office Manager and Payroll Manager. She provides additional services of Management Accounts, Bookkeeping and Company Secretarial work.


Isabella Toth

Isabella is an experienced accountant, having been with us a few years now. She is a King's College graduate with a first class honours degree. She provides front-line accounting and tax services for many of our clients.


Yong Li

Yong is an accounting and finance graduate from the University of Surrey. She manages the bookkeeping for most of our bookkeeping clients and is a part-qualified Certified Chartered Accountant.


Lisa Hamilton

Lisa is the wife of Peter and is a strategic director, providing advice to Peter and weekly back-end IT support.

Shainy Sinu

Shainy works as a computer software developer, creating our cutting edge software that we use for clients behind the scenes. She has a 1st Class degree in Mathematics, as well as a Master’s degree in Computing.

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