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Auto Enrolment Exemption For Small Owner Managed Businesses Directors / Office Holders

21st March 2015

Phew! That was lucky. It seems that office holders (directors and company secretaries) are not deemed workers, unless they have a service contract. That means that if you own a LTD company, you and your wife are directors (maybe your daughter too), there is no legal obligation to auto enrol for pensions. Incidentally, volunteers are exempt too. Thanks be to God! Want to see the details? Click here to view a document from the pensions regulator, paragraph numbers 33-36 on page...

Losing your profit due to VAT Registration?

18th March 2015

Businesses that are VAT Registered, but whose customers are not, often have a large decrease in their profits when they register for VAT. This can happen when their customers are able to pay someone else (to provide the same service) who is not VAT registered who will therefore accept a lower price. The VAT Threshold for 2014/15 is £81,000. The remainder of this article is based on the same tax year. What can be done to solve this problem? Here are four possible solutions: 1. Try to...

Successful Business Owners

6th March 2015

I came across a great quote yesterday about a couple of qualities successful business owners have, and thought it sooo true! "Successful business people tend to have highly-tuned bullshit radars and a natural ability to get right to the heart of things, which means they are able to make reasoned judgements quicker than most". Deborah Meaden. I would add that successful people are also able to offer non-bullshit services to their clients and can explain them clearly in their marketing....

Capital Gains Tax for non-residents. London House Price Market Growth To Slow Down?

4th March 2015

The UK has had the problem that people around the world are buying up properties in the UK, especially London, while not living here. Why do that do that? As an investment. Why London? As house prices crashed in many parts on the world between 2007-2010, this didn't happen in London. London house prices just only seem to keep going up. There are many reasons for that, one of which is the self-fuelling issue of overseas investors buying London properties which in turn keeps prices...

Taking a dividend at the close of a tax year, when funds not with-drawn until the next tax year

2nd March 2015

Sometimes it is useful to utilise a particular lower tax band that would otherwise go un-used, unless extra dividends are put through your LTD company. The trouble is, your LTD company may not have the funds in the bank to pay the dividend before the close of the tax year, or you might have ear-marked the funds to be used for some other purpose. In this scenario, all that is required is: 1. write up director's meeting/decision minutes (ensure they are timely signed), to be taken...